Bronco Monorail Pass-Thru

Blast Chamber Capacities

Bronco Monorail Pass Thru

  • Standard and Custom Sizes for Your Parts
  • Monorail System Dictates Carrying Capacity

Part Handling

  • Monorail Carries Parts Through Blast
  • Line Speed is Adjustable to Optimize Cleaning
  • Custom Fixutres Hold Parts
  • Dual Vestibules for Shot Retention
  • Custom Blow-Off and Spill Hoppers Available

Machine Controls

  • Horner APG Touch Screen Controls
  • Fully Automated Cleaning Cycles
  • Programmable Timers
  • Motor Overload Warnings
  • Manual Mode for Testing & Maintenance
  • NEMA 12 Enclosure (UL 508A Listed)
  • Fused Main Disconnect
  • All Motors Fused Separately
  • Allen-Bradley Motor Starters with Overload Protection
  • Internal Duplex Receptacle
  • Digital Ammeter Monitors Abrasive Flow to Blast Wheel
  • Remote Access for Troubleshooting (Optional)


  • Simple Finger Seal Holders with External Fasteners for Easy Removal
  • Tool Free Elevator and Boot Access
  • Quick Access to Debris Screens
  • Replaceable Liners Inline with Blast

Blast Wheels

  • Baldor Super-E Premium Efficient Motors
  • 1/2″ Fabricated Manganese Housing
  • 1″ Long Life Cast Liners (Replaceable)
  • Most Efficient Cleaning Available

Material Handling

  • Screw Conveyors Convey Media to Elevator Boot
  • Cast Bucket Elevator Carries Abrasive to an Air Wash Separator (Rotary Screen Optional)
  • Totally Enclosed, Air Operated Butterfly Valve(s) Adjust Abrasive Flow to Wheel


  • Interlocks on Vestibules
  • Safety Guarding on Moving Parts
  • Safety Conditions in Program Prevent Most Unsafe Operations
  • Safety Screens Above Augers
  • Custom Safety Measures Available

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