Fixed Table Blasts

Industrial Associates offers several Bronco table blast configurations to clean a variety of part shapes and configurations.

Fixed tables provide the ideal solution for efficiently cleaning large castings, weldments and forgings. Parts are placed on a table positioned inside the main cabinet. When the door is closed, parts pass through the blast stream as the table slowly rotates.

A large, center-post fixture can be mounted to the table for hanging parts, exposing all sides of the part to the blast stream. This eliminates the need to reposition or flip the parts if laid flat on the table. In effect, this design makes the fixed table a large spinner hanger.

One or two blast wheel designs are standard with custom designs available to solve unique cleaning challenges.

Bronco blast equipment is heavy-duty and built to withstand the rigors of any manufacturing environment.

Additional features:

  • V-notch roof allows for overhead loading & unloading of heavy parts.
  • All fixed tables are totally integrated with abrasive reclaim systems, air wash separators and armor plate lining.
  • Various table sizes, clearances and capacities are available, depending on your requirements.

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