Bronco Blast Cleaning Equipment
Custom Blast Cleaning Equipment

Blast Cleaning Equipment and Services

For custom blast cleaning equipment and solutions to your metal finishing challenges, contact Industrial Associates and Bronco Blast Equipment – the original developers of the modern direct drive blast wheel.

In addition to manufacturing Bronco airless shot blast equipment, Industrial Associates offers in-house engineering capabilities to solve your toughest metal cleaning problems. Whether we’re cleaning complex metal fabrications or scouring pipe up to 46″ ID, we continually innovate and improve processes at our own facilities and those of our customers.

As part of our custom solutions, Industrial Associates offers:

  • Process design, development and redesign
  • Retrofit of blast equipment
  • Fixturing, fixture building
  • Trial and functionality testing in demonstration and R&D labs
  • Cleaning and removal of paint, scale, residue, contaminants
  • Inner and outer diameter pipe cleaning and surface preparation

We utilize full R&D capabilities to prove each process before applying it to your project. We can also design and manufacture custom fixtures that mount on blast cleaning equipment, helping you achieve results that meet strict customer specification.

With generations of expertise in shot blast cleaning, Industrial Associates’ custom solutions cover a wide range of possibilities. These can include reconfiguring control gages to determine blast pattern, testing different abrasives or using innovative materials to construct direct drive wheel components. Whatever your need, we are persistent problem-solvers.

Contact us about your blast cleaning concerns, whether you need new Bronco equipment, used equipment or a comprehensive solution.