Spinner Hangers

Spinner hangers are designed to clean complex parts that are positioned on a fixture (hanger). During the blast cycle, parts pass through the blast stream as the fixture slowly rotates. One or two blast wheel designs are available, depending on part shape and dimensions.

Common spinner hanger designs:

  • Carousel – features two indexing blast chambers for continuous production so an operator can load & unload parts in one chamber, while another group of parts is being blasted in the second chamber.
  • In & Out Design – Moves a loaded fixture of parts into the blast cabinet, where it rotates through the blast stream. Y-track systems allow for one fixture to be loaded/unloaded while another fixture is being processes.
  • Large Spin Blast – A fixture is positioned in the middle of a fixed table. This design allows the cleaning of large parts up to 7 ft. in diameter.
  • Monorail – Fixtures loaded with parts are moved through the blast cabinet for continuous cleaning.

Bronco blast equipment is heavy-duty and built to withstand the rigors of any manufacturing environment.

  • All spinner hangers are totally integrated with abrasive reclaim systems, air wash separators and armor plate lining.
  • Various sizes, clearances and capacities are available, depending on your requirements.

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