UDD Blast Wheel

Bronco UDD Blast WheelIndustrial Associates and Bronco Blast Equipment pioneered the direct drive airless shot blast wheel in 1981. For decades our blast wheels have been powerful, heavy-duty and easy to service. In 2018, we released our new generation of UDD Blast Wheels. The Bronco UDD Blast Wheel design reduces maintenance time, eliminates complexity and sets a new standard as the best value in a heavy-duty blast wheel. Upgrading to the Bronco UDD blast wheel means decreased cycle times, long parts life, easy part replacement and reduced downtime during regular maintenance.


Our standard 13UDD, 16UDD, and 16UDD-XL wheel assemblies:

  • Target lock for repeatably locating control cage
  • Front access plate for easy maintenance access
  • Low parts count
  • All wheels are bi-directional (clockwise or counter-clockwise)
  • Single-sided, 8-blade design
  • No blade blocks, springs, pins, retaining rings or other unnecessary complication
  • Baldor Super-E motor design reduces power consumption
  • C-Face motor reduces overhung shaft loads for less vibration & longer motor life

Cleaning Power

  • Shorter cycle times
  • Faster line speeds
  • Reduce cycle times by 50% or more vs most 1800 RPM designs

Heavy-Duty Design

  • Fabricated manganese housing
  • Heavy-duty cast and manganese wear liners
  • Long internal parts life (blade, impeller and control cage)

Assembly and Service

  • Fully machined & stepped wheel hub eliminates taper lock and sets control cage depth
  • Target lock ensures blast pattern alignment after tune-up kit replacement
  • Replaceable, threaded bushings on liner fasteners help protect against shot lock
  • Fixturing clamps for ease of service and quick replacement if shot lock occurs
  • Positive locating features on access plate for easy removal & installation


  • Assemblies are priced reasonably
  • Tune-up kits and wear parts are readily available at affordable prices
  • No excessive engineering charges for customization
  • Standard base plates retrofit many blast wheels without modification or custom adapters
  • Affordable custom base plates facilitate efficient installation
  • Most retrofits can be completed in one day


  • Decades of experience in shot blast applications
  • Our team of knowledgeable professionals will evaluate your application and offer informed recommendations
  • Friendly and courteous staff provide exceptional customer service

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