Multi-Table Blasts

The multi-table design utilizes 4 or more satellite tables mounted to an indexing main table. As one satellite table rotates in the blast chamber, the operator is loading/unloading another table. When the blast cycle is complete, the main table indexes and the cycle repeats.

Multi-tables are well suited for continuous processing of metal castings, fabrications, aluminum die castings or other parts that can easily be positioned on a table or fixture. The size and work height of the satellite tables are custom designed for each application. One or two blast wheel designs are standard with custom designs available to solve unique cleaning challenges.

Each vestibule is separated with partition seals to assure no abrasive leakage in the load/unload area. Ample height clearance is provided so that a fixture may be used to position multiple parts.

Average cycle times run 10 to 20 seconds per table. As an example, one Bronco multi-table cleaned 3 Ford Escort oil pans on one fixture mounted to each table. Total cycle time was 20 seconds, yielding 9 finished parts per minute.

Bronco blast equipment is heavy-duty and built to withstand the rigors of any manufacturing environment.

  • Multi-tables lend themselves to robotic load/unload systems.
  • All multi-tables are totally integrated with abrasive reclaim systems, air wash separators and armor plate lining.
  • Various table sizes, clearances and capacities are available, depending on your finish & production requirements.

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Bronco Multi Table

Blast Chamber Capacities

  • Available in 14, 20, 24, 26, and 36 Inch Table Diameters
  • Table Capacities from 100 to 500 Pounds

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Bronco Multi Table