Direct Drive Blast Wheels

Industrial Associates and Bronco Blast Equipment pioneered the direct drive airless shot blast wheel in the early 1980s. Our standard direct drive blast wheels are powerful, heavy-duty and easy to service. They clean faster, save significant costs and will increase productivity in your shot blasting operation.

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Efficient Design

Our standard 12″, 15″ and 16″ diameter, 3600 RPM wheel assemblies:

  • Reduce cycle times by 50% or more
  • Can clean twice as fast as the 1800 RPM designs of the past

Wheel Housing

  • Fabricated from 1/2″, 11-14% manganese steel
  • Lined with heavy-duty, cast liners for extended wear life

Cleaning Power

Higher velocity means faster cleaning.

  • Abrasive thrown at 245 to 325 feet per second
  • Faster line speeds
  • Shorter cycle times
  • Lower abrasive flow rate prevents unnecessary wear on material handling systems and consumes less abrasive per blasting hour


  • Energy-efficient Baldor motors C-face mount to the wheel housing and bolt directly into a recessed flange ring
  • Proper alignment of wheel parts is ensured upon reassembly
  • Overhung shaft loads are far less than traditional foot mount designs
  • Reduced risk of motor bearing failure vs. traditional foot mount designs

Assembly & Service

Bronco direct drive blast wheel features include:

  • Front access plate for easy maintenance access
  • Single-sided, 8-bladed with dead-end dovetail slots for blade retention
  • Designed to eliminate springs, retaining rings, pins, blade blocks and other unnecessary parts that increase maintenance costs and create potential vibration problems
  • All wheels are bi-directional (CW or CCW)
  • Bronco direct drive blast wheels use common wheel parts that are readily available

Retrofit Services

Our compact 12″, 15″ and 16″ direct drive wheel assemblies easily retrofit to your existing machines.

  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce overall operating costs
  • Reduce maintenance costs


Wheel Dimensions 12″, 15″, 16″
Wheel RPM 3600 RPM / Variable Speed (Optional)
Abrasive Velocity 245-325 feet per second
Wheel Housing 1/2″ 11-14% Manganese Steel, Front Access Plate for Easy Maintenance
Wheel Design Single Sided
Blade Dead-End Dovetail Slots (No Springs, Pins, Retaining Rings or Blade Blocks)
Wheel Housing Liners 3/4″ Cast Long Life Liners
Standard Horsepowers 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60
Motors Energy Efficient Baldor Motors “C” Face Mounted to Wheel Housing