-SOLD- Wheelabrator Smartline 3Cu Tumble Blaster

Tumble blast machines gently tumble the parts to be cleaned in a blast chamber formed by an endless rubber mill belt. Parts are exposed to the blast stream as they tumble in the chamber.
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Product Description

  • 3 cubic foot capacity or 400 lbs.
  • 3-ply, endless rubber mill belt, 1/4″ holes standard
  • 3/8″ AR-400 barrel head liners
  • Manual door with pneumatically controlled lock
  • 300 lbs. abrasive required (initial)
  • One 7-1/2 HP direct drive 25BD130 Wheelabrator blast wheel
  • 24″ wide x 29″ diameter blast chamber (3 cubic foot capacity)
  • VFD Mill Drive
  • Includes Dust Collector with Rotary Air Lock, Magnahelic

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Wheelabrator Smartline 3Cu Tumble Blaster